Muslim Fit Vitality Coaching 

Muslim Fit is specialised in behavioural change and making strong and resilient Muslims. Muslim Fit acknowledges that you are not ‘just a body’, ‘just your thoughts’ or ‘just your soul’ but holds a holistic view that incorporates all the internal and external factors that can influence personal change. We help our clients to build their physical, mental, social and spiritual health so they gain autonomy in their lives to strive for their life goals, all while keeping in check if the clients underlying motivations fall within the Islamic paradigm and what we know by scientific research to improve wellness and durability.  

Muslim Fit has expertise in: 

  • Long term behavioural change 
  • Physical, mental, social and spiritual health 
  • Creating work/life/religion balance 
  • Nutrition, sleep and exercise 
  • Stress management and mindset 
  • Ethics driven Life coaching     

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