What is Muslim Fit?

Muslim Fit is a faith based company that helps Muslims to increase their performance, optimize their environment and improve their (health)behaviour to be better equipped to face his/hers challenges and to fulfil ones purpose in life. We provide education, coaching and practical tools and programs for Muslims to improve personally, socially and professionally.

Our view on health: 

Only seeing health as being physically strong or not being sick is very shallow. Health is much more! It’s a tool to work on that which we find important in life and what gives us the ability to choose our own path towards our goals. Muslim Fit describes health as ‘the ability to adapt and to self-manage, in the face of physical, mental, social, spiritual and emotional challenges.’


Muslim Fit is founded by Maarten van Elst. 
Maarten discovered Islam through his search for self-improvement, he was inspired by Islam’s teachings, that amongst other, promotes spiritual, social, physical and mental health. After converting to Islam in 2011, he didn’t see much of what was being preached actually being practised within the Muslim community. So combining his own hands-on knowledge from competitive bodybuilding (pre-islam), years of personal training and coaching experience and medical background (Maarten is a nurse anaesthetist), he felt the need to launch Muslim Fit.

Our values


Holistic Health:

Muslim Fit describes health as ‘the ability to adapt and to self-manage, in the face of social, physical, spiritual and emotional challenges.’. Muslim Fit focuses on providing services that help its customers grow spiritually, physically and mentally and pays attention to all the internal and external factors that influence ones health and performance.

Islamic identity: 

The company’s Islamic identity influences it’s conduct in two ways. Firstly, Muslim Fit feels itself responsible for its claims and theoretical backing for used methods and techniques. We try to base our work on scientific and/or Islamic literature and make sure that we are aware of the benefits and possible negative side effects of our actions. Secondly, just as we make sure our methods are not going against scientific and/or theological truths, the goals we set with our clients also need to fall within the Islamic paradigm. Muslim Fit aims to realign the clients goals to be in-service to his life’s purpose and to elevate ones actions to a form of Ibadah (worship).

Accuracy over hype

Muslim Fit is committed to provide high quality lifestyle improvement services. It values quality and accuracy over hype and popularity. Therefore customers can expect that all services Muslim Fit provides are trustworthy and where possible backed by scientific and/or theological evidence.