Stop feeling tired and guilty, start living a life of purpose and become a resilient Muslim!

Islam is a unique religion that offers us all the tools we need to live energetic and meaningful lives. Its teachings promote balance and wellbeing in all aspects of health; mental, social, physical and spiritual. 

However, after converting to Islam in 2011, I didn’t see much of what was taught being practised by the Muslim community. I have met many Muslims who feel guilty or disappointed about how they live their lives and the effects it has on their health, work, family and spirituality. They know they can do better but struggle to change their habits and fall into the dreaded ‘yo-yo effect’.

I want to give back and support the Muslim community, the same way Islam inspired me with its teachings: to help others become resilient Muslims who are in control and get more out of this life and the next.

Living Muslim Un-Fit

  • You feel forced to do most things and don’t get to do what you find important/enjoyable.
  • You feel physically, mentally and spiritually weak, therefore, you lack energy throughout the day to perform
  • You struggle with finding balance between work, life and religion
  • You quickly fall back into old habits whenever ‘life hits’.
  • Your (social) environment makes it hard for you to stick to your goals
  • You feel that you don’t have enough energy for the people around you

Living Muslim Fit

  • You live a life of purpose and spent time doing the things that are important/enjoyable
  • You are physically, mentally and spiritually strong, therefore, you feel energized and able to perform at all aspects of life
  • You have good work/life balance and incorporate your religion into daily life
  • You have a (social) environment that supports your goals
  • You are resilient and don’t fall back into old behaviour when you face (stressful) life-events.
  • You have a positive impact on family, friends and society.


Solving your problems requires changing the behaviour that got you there in the first place. To reach your goals, you have to consider all parts of your life; your biology and psychology, your (social) environment and the divine. We work with people that realize that a one-sided approach to self-development is ineffective.

We base our methods on scientific and theological literature. We value quality and accuracy over hype and popularity. The one critical question we keep asking ourselves is: Why is it important that a client does this?

We want our clients to find purpose, because:

“Health is only perceived valuable when we deem our lives valuable.” – Maarten van Elst

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